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Comedian. Farmer. Mayor. Author.

Not Necessarily In That Order..


Elected in 2012, Drew gave this simple reason for running: “I think this Country is going to Hell in a hand basket – I’m not sure we even make our own handbaskets here anymore.” I can’t do anything about the whole U.S. but I can do something about the one place I live.” He won in a landslide, has turned the city around financially and works hard on small-city issues.

Drew won his 2nd term by a wide margin. As Mayor, he’s outspoken, politically incorrect, and passionate about economic development.


In 2006, Drew Hastings left Hollywood after 13 years there. Wanting to jumpstart his creativity and go somewhere completely foreign to him, he opted to go rural and try his hand at farming. At age 50.

When asked if it was culture shock moving from Los Angeles to rural Ohio, Drew replied, “You assume that there’s actually culture in L.A?” 

Drew is nowadays in great demand as a speaker and entertainer for agricultural events.


A veteran comedian & storyteller for more than twenty-five years, Drew is known as an edgy, intelligent performer in venues across America.

His commanding onstage presence puts forth material that is both hilarious and self-deprecating, including observations of the human condition and the declining state of American society. Drew’s comedy specials, late-night tv appearances, and his status as an all-time favorite on the syndicated Bob & Tom radio show have given him a wide following.

Drew has cut his tour dates way back while he completes a long-awaited book, due to be released, early 2021. Fans can preview some of the stories via  live readings  he has recently booked in Midwest venues.